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About Us

Who are we at Candles by Maria? 

We are enthusiast beekeepers who enjoy working with their hands and getting involved with the community. These beeswax candles are made by hand and with a lot of love for the bees and for the people who uses them.

Who are we the candles?

Beeswax candles are the oldest candle. There have been fragments of beeswax candles found at archeological sites in the middle east that date to 5000 BC, the Egiptians of 3000 BC started using wicks and the Romans perfected this practice.

Who are we the wax?

We make our candles with natural beeswax. It is the worker bee that secretes wax flakes through the so-called cherry glands. They have eight cherry glands located on the inside the ventral plates of the abdomen. These glands reach their maximum development by the twelfth day after birth and begin to decrease after the 18th day. The worker bees dedicated to the construction of the honeycombs, join one another forming a small pineapple hanging from each other by the legs, forming long chains, called wax chains. The secretion of the wax occurs when the temperature reaches between 35 º C and 36 º C. The wax, fluid during its secretion, is molded on the wax mirrors. Then the worker bee tears off the plates one by one and brings them closer to her jaws. Each scale weighs approximately 0.0008 grams. The bee incorporates a solvent of salivary origin into the wax, which facilitates its mixing.